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Nobel & Hug is a renowned business law firm based in Zurich offering legal advice on both domestic and international matters. Our attorneys possess outstanding qualifications (published dissertations, additional foreign master's degrees and supplementary advanced training in specialized areas, such as Employment Law). Most of our attorneys speak several European languages fluently and have long-standing relationships with foreign law firms as well as a network of foreign specialists. At the same time, attorneys admitted abroad (especially in Germany and the USA) work directly in our Zurich office.

Our legal advice mainly covers the various areas of business law as well as diverse aspects of private law. Our attorneys specialize in banking law, corporate law, mergers & acquisitions (M&A), competition law, tax law, copyright law, trademark law, insurance law, media law, art law, inheritance law and execution of wills, foundation law and commercial criminal law.

If legal problems or disputes arise, we are glad to advise our clients on how to avoid going to court or how to minimize procedural risks. We regularly and quickly contribute to the settlement and resolution of such disputes through negotiation or mediation. We create tailor-made solutions to your questions according to your wishes and ideas. This may take the form of legal advice, representation before courts and other authorities or the preparation of expert opinions.

Prof. Dr. Peter Nobel, one of the founders of our firm, is an internationally renowned business attorney. He holds the title of Professor Emeritus from the Universities of Zurich and St. Gallen ("Université Emeritus"); in addition to his work as an attorney, he is a legal consultant and an author of diverse legal literature, primarily in the field of business law (Swiss Financial Market Law, International and Transnational Stock Corporation Law, International Corporate Law, Berne Commentary on Stock Corporation Law, Media Law). He is further engaged as an arbitrator for both domestic and international disputes. Among his private interests, Mr. Nobel is also a passionate art collector.