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Nobel & Hug was founded in 1982 and is today a boutique law firm that handles both domestic and international clients. As a rule, our attorneys speak at least three languages. In addition to the working languages of German and English, we also speak French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese.

We support our clients and offer legal advice mainly in the following areas of law Business law, banking law, corporate law, mergers & acquisitions (M&A), competition law, tax law, copyright law, trademark law, insurance law, media law, art law, inheritance law and execution of wills, foundation law and commercial criminal law.

As far as international cooperation with foreign law firms is concerned, we find that we best serve the needs of our clients by means of a case-by-case, individual (and via client chosen) selection of foreign attorneys, who are often also academically active and are best suited to the needs of our clients. We have long-standing relationships with foreign law firms and a network of foreign legal specialists. At the same time, attorneys admitted abroad (especially in Germany and the USA) work directly in our Zurich office.

Our clients include listed companies and family businesses in the industrial and service sectors, banks, investment companies, stock exchanges, insurance companies, airlines, PR and advertising companies, construction companies, real estate companies and foundations. To a larger extent, we also represent private individuals in business or other legal matters.

We strive for creative, cost-effective solutions to complex business problems. Regular and direct communication with our clients is very meaningful to us: We believe that a close cooperation with the client is of great importance for a fully satisfactory result.

If problems or disputes arise, we advise our clients on how to avoid going to court or how to minimize procedural risks. We regularly and rapidly contribute to the resolution of such disputes through negotiation or mediation. Nevertheless, we are still involved in a considerable amount of litigation.