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Dr. Benno Bernet

Commercial, contract and company law, banking and securities law, inheritance law, arbitration

Dr. Christoph Peter

Mergers & acquisitions, capital markets law, corporate law; (white collar) criminal law, international judicial and administrative assistance

Dr. Philipp Perren (Mechanical engineer ETH)

Aviation law, liability law (incl. product liability law), insurance law, contract law, estate planning, patent litigation

lic.iur. Marco Habrik (also Certified Specialist SBA Employment Law)

Employment law, trade, company and contract law, banking law, procedural law (including litigation)

C. S. Anderfuhren-Wayne (J.D., Admitted in New York State)

US Contract law, corporate law, securities law, tort law, constitutional law, international law (public and private)

Markus Kaempf (Also admitted to the Bar in Germany)

Competition law, intellectual property law, public economic law, capital markets law, compa-ny law, EU law, German private law, commercial law

Dr. Florian Schmidt-Gabain

Law of the creative and entertainment sector, art law, private clients (in particular inheritance law and estate planning)

MLaw Nicolas Durand

Inheritance law and estate planning, commercial and corporate law, debt collection and bankruptcy law, family law, sport law